Top 4 Warlord Games Starter – Tabletop Spiele

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1. Black Powder

Kavallerie, 2. Auflage, WAR-301510002, Schwarzpulver, Waterloo Starter Set, Kriegsherr Spiele, 28mm Napoleonische Kriege Miniaturen, Britische Hannoveraner und Französische Infanterie

Black Powder - Soft back a5 version of the new black powder second edition rulebook, 12 chasseurs à cheval, Bases for all above models, 48 French infantry, 1x metal French foot commander, 1x metal royal artillery cannon, 48 British infantry, 1x metal British foot commander, Six d6, 24 Hanoverian Infantry, Easy start guide, Card playsheet and casualty markers. Die hier angebotenen Modelle werden zerlegt und unbemalt ausgeliefert.
MarkeBlack Powder
HerstellerWarlord Games
Höhe12.7 cm (5 Zoll)
Länge30.48 cm (12 Zoll)
Breite22.86 cm (9 Zoll)

2. Warlord Games

Bolt Action Warlord Games, Fallschirmjager German Starter Army, 28mm Minatures WWII Table Top Game by Warlord

Warlord Games - Fallschirmjager german starter army – bolt Action Warlord Games – 28 mm Miniatur WWII Tisch Top Game.
MarkeWarlord Games
HerstellerWarlord Games
Höhe22.86 cm (9 Zoll)
Länge30.48 cm (12 Zoll)
Gewicht0.05 kg (0.1 Pfund)
Breite7.62 cm (3 Zoll)

3. Wargames Delivered

US Konflikt '47 Starter Set, Wargames Delivered & Warlord Games

Wargames Delivered - Game for all- whether you're a veteran in tabletop gaming or beginner, our Konflikt '47 Set fits you. Learn while gaming- learn about the newly developed tanks and strange armored walkers by the US Army. Get creative -have fun not only in playing the game but also in constructing and painting your minis. Expand your 28mm miniatures- with an advanced weaponry of walkers and new mechanical super weapons. Complete konflikt '47 set- this set is fully packed, perfect for your next world war board game day.
MarkeWargames Delivered
HerstellerWarlord Games

4. Wargames Delivered

Wargames Delivered & Warlord Games, Bolt Action German Grenadiers Starter Army & Paint Set

Wargames Delivered - Get creative -have fun not only in playing the game but also in constructing and painting your minis. No more unpainted miniatures– bring your troops to life with these uniquely colored paint set. Spend less and save more- with this set, you get to save more for your next Army troops and tanks. Get ready to battle – get started into wargaming with this strong core army and miniature paint sets. Complete set- fully packed with your chosen Army troops and tanks and their miniature paint sets.
MarkeWargames Delivered
HerstellerWarlord Games